Saturday, February 11, 2012

Beer Blog: Girl Drink Edition!

I was getting sick of having to drink terrible beers all the time, and seeing as "Beer30 ICE" was my only other unique option, I thought a nice girly drink review would be fun. Also, I can never, ever drink ice beer again. Never. Ever.

The girly drink of the evening is a locally produced cider called America's Best ACE Perry Hard Cider. "Perry Hard Cider" Not "Pear". "Perry". Apparently "perry" is an acceptable nickname for pear cider in the cider world, but I think they're just trying to get away with not using pears. Its got pictures of pears all over it, so I could assume it was probably pear-flavor-related, although the label has no mention of pears in the ingredients... Maybe they were just banking on me being a non-reader. BANK AGAIN AMERICA'S BEST!

America's Best website tells me not-surprising little about the actually cider, except that they have four flavors and they've been producing cider for 15 years. And then they shit all over the American brewing industry.  Fascinating stuff. I was shocked to see that it wasn't even listed on BeerAdvocate's site, until I remembered that it wasn't a beer. That make it a must less shocking revelation, and made me feel pretty stupid. Perry is a pretty new beverage, born in August of 2010, although its available in almost half of the states in the US, and it has a higher than expected ABV of 6%, which makes it one of the strongest beverages I've ever reviewed.

The cider poured an excellent yellow, extremely carbonated with copious amounts of head, which fizzled to almost nothing within seconds. The smell is off-putting; a strong, sour fart smell, which is not completely uncommon to ciders, but significantly worse than any I can remember. On a positive note, its got a taste that's best described as a liquid jolly rancher. They should really consider marketing this to kids, it would be a huge hit.

Lastly, its gluten-free, and lower in calories than beer or wine, which means when those kids --err, I mean.. women-- are sucking down these jolly ranchers, they don't have to worry about aggravating that gluten allergy their mom told them they have, or worse, getting fat.

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